Monday, April 13, 2009

What Cows Do on Weekends*

We totally saw it. It was great, you know, as far as Tween movies go. Way better than I expected. And the songs are still in my head. You can judge for yourself whether that's a good thing...or a bad thing. We had some church in the morning, ate at the Perkins across the street for Easter dinner (we're talking easy here, I'd worked the day before). So, back to what I was saying...we had some church. We go to church in a movie theatre, see?
OK, so again, then we walked over to Perkins, then walked back over to the theatre to see Hannah Montana. Then we went home. And took naps.
Then we hung out, and after bedtime, Jim and I went out on a date, and Uncle Brian stayed home with our sleeping kids.
We ate some Sonic, then saw Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D. At the same theatre. We like to support that one. And even after the Sonic, in the name of supporting them, we got $6 nachos. They were good. It was the first time I've had nachos since the time Jim and I ate nachos at a sports bar before seeing The Pursuit of Happyness when I was pregnant with Hudson, and I travelled to the bathroom 3 times to vomit. I hate that movie.
The nachos: the girl was all, "Do you want cheese in a cup, or on top of the chips, or in a cup and on top of the chips?" (She was being really serious). I was all, "Um, of COURSE in the cup and on top of the chips." So awesome. Totally worth the $6, as much as any movie snack can be "worth" it's price. Definitely too much chips for one, and just right for two of us. And hello extra fake cheese. Thank you, Carmike.
And after seeing the second 3D movie to leave me dizzy and nauseous, and after Jim seeing his first 3D movie to leave him the same, we firmly agreed to never see one again. Our vision thanked us. So I still ended up getting sick despues de nachos, but no problemo, they weren't to blame. So getting those again.
*do you get it?! Ahem.


Amy said...

You're pregnant?
Hannah & I saw Hannah Montana on Friday (see post) it was great!!
Mike & Isaiah saw monsters. Can't say I'd be going for a date..but hey, more power to ya!! lol.

As for overpriced snacks--$18 CDN popcorn/pop--for 4 girls!! UGH!!!!

Glad u had fun.!

Kiki said...

Uh, I hope there is clarification. I don't get it. And now, I'm going to be thinking about it until I get it or you clarify!

Anonymous said...

What do cows do on weekends? Go to the moovies, of course.

Amy said...

BTW--is that really $4 for a childs ticket?? SERIOUS?? double it in Canada!

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

ok, i am not sure i get it either...though i'm very intrigued!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I don't think I get it either! I blame my brain though. Sleepless nights with a newborn hasn't done much to help my brain work. lol

Blair said...

Baby on the way? Congratulations! Thanks for sharing during this unique phase of life. I guess we're kind of all on hiatus from home schoolin mamas right now (my hubby is also without a job as of last week). Praying for your family and Happy Easter!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Girl!?!?! Clarification is NEEDED. :)


Micah and SaraJane said...

My second grade teaching brain says, "Go to the moooovies."

Eva said...

Oh my goodness. You cannot be really, actually, seriously pregnant, can you????? You had just better follow up your little hint!

Megan said...

peeeeps. ok. about half of you got it, and somehow half of you somehow thought i was with child. i have no idea how so many people arrived at THAT conclusion :) but the "*" was from the title, and you guessed it- cows go to mooooooooooovies! (see, the whole post was about movies...ahem). and are jim and i the only ones that get dizzy at 3D movies?!?! it totally screws up our eyes!!!!


Lisa said...

I totally caught the "go to the Moooovies" and then after reading the comments, I scratched my head, wondering what I missed where people assumed you were pregnant! lol

I have only seen Harry Potter in 3-D, and I don't think it made me dizzy, but I might have to see if it happens that way.