Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Piano Lessons


anne said...

I had that EXACT Piano book as a young girl!
YAY for playing the piano. I SO wish I still did. I'm incredibly out of practice and it would be painful to hear myself play.
Will all the kids learn? Is she taking lessons or are you teaching her?

Megan said...

patie just started lessons in march, and grace will start in may (she didn't want to take them at first, mostly i think bc she didn't know what it would be like- now she's excited, but we're making her wait a bit so she doesn't steal her sister's thunder :) pate is doing really well! it's fun!

i wouldn't have started them this early if i hadn't found an awesome teacher, but a friend of ours was taking more students and it seemed like a great time to start- and it's really been too fun!

i had the same books too :)


Jackie said...

Piano playing is awesome! I started lessons formally at age 7 but my older sister had been playing for my whole life before that so I ended up copying her and learning from her and went to lessons ahead of the game. It is such a good thing - it teaches so much! I have played my entire life but haven't for the last few years (no piano or room for one right now). Once we move to a larger place my parents are giving us our old piano and I will likely start taking lessons again. My piano teacher took lessons in her 50's - even though she played organ at church every week and played and taught all the time, she said she could always keep learning and keep challenged!
p.s. - I also used the Bastian series of books - memories! :)

Unknown said...

I remember using those piano books, too!!! I'm sure my mom stil has them around somewhere... I hope your girls enjoy the lessons and are more motivated than I was!

Jenn Boerger said...

Oh...I still have that book from when I was little! Brings back memories! We got rid of our piano last year when we redid our floors, and I miss it terribly. I'm sure those little fingers learning to play are music to your ears.

Eva said...

I can't believe she's learning piano so early! Good thing she's determined.