Thursday, March 5, 2009

She's Back!

I'm just checking in, all. Sorry for the sudden absence, as if you minded big time, you know?! It's just that I was vacationing, alone, as a matter of fact, for a few days of uninterrupted time to myself, with my pots of coffee, pan of brownies, my book, my girl movies, and my dogs. Oh, and my endocrinologist. And when I'm home alone, I don't like advertising it to the entire web of the world. You know. I like to be safe and secure like that.

Jim and the kids went to his parent's house on Monday and just got back yesterday. It was a spur of the moment trip, and I had that long-awaited trip to the endocrinologist, you see, that I couldn't reschedule, well, unless I didn't want to be seen until the end of May. He's a popular guy, I suppose. Sheesh.

So, I went ahead and stayed behind. It was fabulous.

Book read: Peace Like a River (but I'm not quite done yet).
Movies watched: Pretty Woman, Enchanted (twice), The Music Man.
Foods eaten: 8 gallons of coffee, Diet Soda, turkey sandwiches every meal (I hate cooking just for myself, and really like turkey sandwiches...OK?), oh, and 1/3 a pan of brownies, which were finished off once everyone was back.
The silence and pajama wearing and freedom to do absolutely nothing and whatever I wanted at the same time was just exactly what I'd call The Bomb.

And getting my man and the small Kochs back was The Bomb too. So basically, it's all The Bomb.

And now I'm back. And now I'm going to go finish that book...

And after reading this post to myself...Whew! No chance a writer like that is going to produce the next Great American Novel! Yikes!


Mandy said...

Oooh! I'm jealous! Glad you could enjoy a mini retreat. Every mom needs them.

anne said...

I'm SO HAPPY your reading Peace Like a River. That is definately one of my top 3 books read. I LOVE it.
Fun little retreat, but I hear you on missing your man and kiddos.
Also...let's just say if I had that pan of brownies ALONE, the WHOLE pan would be gone BEFORE everyone arrived home. Sad.
Welcome back. :)

Anne Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you had some nice time by yourself:)

Deb said...

I love watching those movies too. If I had a few days to myself, those would be on my list. And I think we could eat out of the same fridge too...I never cook just for myself and my 'go-to' food of choice is always a turkey sandwich.

Shelby-Grace said...

Pj's, movies, coffee, brownies...sounds like The Bomb to me too:)

So happy that you had a great time on your own little mini vacation!

Jackie said...

Yeah, if that was me, the whole pan of brownies would be gone as well ;)

Tarrah said...

That sounds way too heavenly right now :) I'm so glad you had that time! And I think pretty woman would have been on my list too, as a matter of fact, I probably would have had a Julia Roberts marathon.

Jane said...

How fun was that little vacation?!?! Kudoes to you.
Hope your endocrinologist appt went well.