Monday, March 16, 2009

10 Years Younger

I talked about money all week last week. I'm so done talking about money. For a while. Blach. Let's move on to talking about me.
Doesn't that sound selfish? I'm just going to go with it.
I had the most hilarious set of events happen to me last week. On 2 separate occasions, 2 separate and unrelated people, in a series of situations too particular to be worth your time describing- 2 different people assumed I was a minor. Like, an under 18 minor. Not just that I couldn't consume, no, that I couldn't vote. Or fight in a war. Or go get my ears pierced sans parents.
And I am so legal, peeps, so legal. I can do whatever I want. I have one husband and four children (the first of which was born after we were out of college, thankyouverymuch, so I was no "young" mother) and I can even rent a car. And I'm so old, I can't name a single person from High School Musical, and I had no idea who Chris Brown was until a few weeks ago, and I rarely can stay up past 10. Beat that, high school punks.
Everyone always says I'm cute. I'm so cute. I throw a rare picture of myself on the ol' blog, and you can count the word cute in the comment section over and over again. Oh, and don't even get me started on videos. I have a cute voice. I'll admit it. It's cute. Not raspy and woman-like. It's just cute. I've accepted it. In general, I suppose, I'm cute. I'm no vixen. I've got dear friends who very clearly embody "righteous fox" or "full-out hottie" and a couple who are so freaking sophisticated, they make me smarter and sleaker just being next to them. But I am the cute one. I hold the title proudly. I'm the Midge to my friend Barbie. I can rock that role just fine. Free to be me and all.
So I get it. When I'm not with my kids, I can imagine that someone who gets called cute as much as me is going to be mistaken for a few shades lighter on the age spectrum. I've even been told I'll appreciate that quality when I'm older. Like when I'm 50 and I pass for 35 easy. So OK, I'm waiting for that I guess.

So, I suppose you could say someone makes a tactful or not tactful comment about my youthful exterior about twice a month. Some just think I'm a college student, my children's nanny, or have even been known to ask how old I was when I had my first baby. Nice. I know. So anyway- it happens all the time. I suppose there are worse things they could be calling me. I'll take it.

But seriously, two assumptions that I was under 18 in the same week?
And the big hot tamale of a kicker? This week my grey hairs grew so out of control, I had no choice but to leave them in- I usually just pluck them out, but all the sudden just yesterday a close inspection revealed like, 20 of them. Bright white ones. Natural childbirth? Yes please. Pulling out 20 strands of hair? No thank you.
So, how old do you think I am??


Anonymous said...

I'm going to go with 30. Cause of the four kids and all, you sexy mama, you!

Tarrah said...

This post cracks me up, I've thought of doing a simular one a few weeks ago when in the same week I had 3 different people ask me if all the kids were mine and then proceed to tell me "You look so young!!"

And the whole voice thing... Same here! "you have such a sweeet voice" is something I always hear :)
Then in 1 week I had 3 people tell me that my voice is so sweet and calm and they didn't think I ever yelled. HA! I can yell for sure :)

You are absolutely beautiful!!!

Amy said...

I can't see how this is a problem! lol
I work at a hardware store, and I can't tell you the number of times an old man has asked me if I work p/t because of school...HA!! I haven't been in school in YEARS!!!! I just smile and say ofcourse!!

I'd say 28 because of your blog title.?? Am I close?

Lisa said...

alright - you are CUTE, but also beautiful, smart, etc. and you are young.....i'll say 27?!?

Kiki said...

You are cute! Are you going to reveal your age? Or just let us guess?

You gave us a few clues, first child born after college, so you could have been 22 or so. And she is 5, right? So, I'm gonna go with 28 or 29.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I get this same thing all.the.time. It kills me. I actually WANT to look my age! :)

I'm going to say 28. It's a great age ;)


Kimberly said...

You've shared your age with me before, so I can't guess. But I tell you, this is the CUTEST post:) Ha! No really, I love it.

I come from a long line of woman who age really quickly. Im battling wrinkles and preparing for age spots and Im still four days shy of 30, so forgive my inability to sympathize...oh, how I wish I could!!

Love this post Megan. You are such a fun girl. Great pictures too.

anne said...

I won't guess either since I do know your real age. :)
LOVED this post too, and you do have the CUTEST voice ever. I mean really...and especially compared to mine...ew.
I miss you.
When I was like 7 months pregnant with Liam I went into the Liquor Barn (yes, we have a store called the Liquor Barn here) with Evan to get some wine for cooking (which I admit I probably looked like a crazy alcholic lady in there with a 2 year old and pregnant) but anyway, I GOT CARDED.
The guy did not believe me. I couldn't help but laugh! I asked him how old he thought I was...he said 18!!!
He even thought my Drivers licience was a fake id!!!! I couldn't beleive that one.
I loved this post too, and I think you are cute, but you are also one

A Crafty Mom said...

I thought you posted this last year sometime - maybe I'm wrong. 29????? I think these pictures are stunning - you're beautiful (not using cute at all, notice????).

And I wanted to say I loved the job posts last week - I was having laptop issues and problems posting comments but I read them all and thought they were right on the nose!!!

Ris said...

LOL! I am thinking you are younger than me. So I am going with 27 but close to 28?

Anne Elizabeth said...

This post made me laugh. People always think I'm younger now too; which is nice I guess since in the past week I've noticed all this grey hair:( The funny thing is that when I was 15-19 everyone thought I was in my 20's. I NEVER got carded for anything.

Jackie said...

I get the same thing - even coworkers don't believe I'm 36 and have to pull out my driver's license to prove it! Trust me, as you get older, it is definitely much cooler. :)

I know Kelly's age so I'd guess 29 or 30.

Shelby-Grace said...

I don't do well at these kind of guessing games. But I feel the need to throw one out there, so I'm going with 29??!! And I have to say you look great!! And love your hair!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos of you!!! :o)

Debbie said...

I am too old and too wise to get into trap! But you are beautiful. That much I know.

April said...

I think you have a beautiful countenance:)

Mandy said...

Great post! Funny! I have been told I look much younger than I I guess we'll both appreciate that some day. Love this pics of you btw!

Eva said...

That was a CUTE post. Take that!

A couple times students in youth group have thought I was in high school. I so love hearing that. Can't complain when they think we're young right? Just don't look tooooo close...

Jane said...

Believe me girl, you WILL be happy to look 35 when you are 50! It's a slippery aging slope after that!
I DO remember the days of pulling out grey hair and that was eons ago as I started coloring shortly thereafter.
I'm going with 28, but you certainly don't look it.