Monday, February 2, 2009

Money Monday

Everyone is talking about the economy.

All of the sudden, we hear bad news, advice, and tips for how to save money everywhere.

Funny, it's becoming trendy to save money and shop smarter. Finally the world is catching up with me. *She says sarcastically with just a little hint of smugness*

It's not easy. It's not comfortable. It's downright scary for some people.

It's just not going away. It will probably get worse, before it gets better.

We don't lose hope, but we do live in reality.

The news really got hot with word of a coming recession last year.

It hit home for us when this happened.

And we know Who we trust in, and it isn't the almighty dollar.

We were thankful for the opportunity to walk that month together as a family with Him, and it really was an incredible time for us.

But still, we'd rather not do it again.

Last week, Jim received a sudden, cold memo that all salaried employees at his current job will have their income cut 8.5%, effective next pay period, lasting indefinitely, until some far off fuzzy moment when we can all stop bracing ourselves. And yes, he still needs to work just as much. Nothing is changing, except for that 8.5%, which honestly, we would like to keep, if we could.

It was a sting, but I swallowed it and took heart.

We were really looking like we were going to get happily ahead.

Now we're bumped back to a little more like "just enough". And for that, I'm almost in tears, I'm so grateful. I'll take "just enough".

I'm thankful he has this spectacular job. I'm thankful for all the opportunities it affords him.

I'm thankful his company is taking a step now to stay real, to face the economy head on, and to be proactive.

So hopefully he keeps this job.

And someday we get that 8.5% back. Maybe we will, maybe we won't.

We'll keep trusting in the Almighty, not the dollar. Not that I'm saying that's always simple or easy, but He's the only one that can't shake or crumble. So we'll stay put in Him.

How has the economy hit your home?


Rachel said...

Megan, I love Money Monday. I love your tips and tricks, but most of all, thanks for always pointing us to the right direction! I'm sorry about the paycut. I hope it's very short-lived.

Rachel said...
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Anne Elizabeth said...

Well last year we lost our home amongst other things. I finally felt like things were turning around for us. Robbie was making 'just enough' and we were both very thankful for that. 2 weeks ago he was told that his hours were being cut. He is now part-time and we 'don't have enough' to make it let alone buy groceries.. We are very frugal (have been since our last financial disaster)so we don't have unnecessary spending. Last week he was told that they were laying of the night shift. It doesn't effect him at this point.

Right now I am thankful that he has job even though it is only part time hours and I am trying very hard to keep my trust in the Lord.

I am really sorry to hear about the income cut. I really hope that it picks up soon for y'all.

Jenn Boerger said...

We're so thankful for Jake to have a full time job, as well. With his former employer facing backruptcy, and the current state of the economy, we know he could easily be without a job right now. Each paycheck is such a blessing.

We're eating out less, buying off brands, and I'm really working on planning our meals better (following many of your tips!). And it's so true, we must thank Him for each blessing, and continue to tithe, and His will be done.

anne said...

We too are thankful for the steady job Justin has, and this year Justin has really cracked down on our finances and we are being wiser with our money. It sure isn't easy for me though, I can admit it...but it is good for me.
God is Good ALWAYS as you know, and I'm so thankful that you and I know him.
HUGS dear friend. :)

Lisa said...

so sorry to hear about the pay cut. But I hear you loud and clear - so thankful he still has a job, right?

I feel like we always do a lot of smart stuff with money & live within our means. There's not a lot of new (besides a family member) going on here, and really, we have it so dang good!

Good post, as always, Megan!

Kimberly said...

Amen, sister, amen.

April said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Matt's work has had serious lay-offs, and he even had a lady in HR tell him that a couple people had fought to keep in on staff...Praise God! We're going to Fargo tomorrow to look at "engineering opportunities" (Matt transferring)-but we have been so thankful for Matt's job. (He got a 3% pay-cut, I've never heard of 8.5%)
God is good!

A Crafty Mom said...

Megan, I'm late reading blogs this week b/c my family has all been sick with the stomach flu. And ironically, my husband lost his job last Friday so your post is VERY timely (and scary) for me too. I'm so sorry about the pay cut - that's awful. I hope everything works out for you guys . . .