Monday, January 19, 2009

Money Monday!

Some of my favorite things in my house were extremely cheap. Things I just found somewhere, randomly.
A great home, regardless of your taste, starts with a few solid basics, and then gets richer and better over time as you add love, memories, and things you find along the way.

Pottery Barn always calls them "found objects". Things you find somewhere, things you create, or re-purpose, or rescue from some dark corner of a thrift store or old shop.

Those things, to me, are the best things.
They are neat, they have a story, they are special, they have a memory, they are unlike anything else that the masses can get for $19.99.
These are a couple of my most recent "founds".
That basket/sifter/rice dryer/whatever in the world it is was buried under a bunch of stuff at a thrift store, and I purchased it for something like 7 cents. It's just old and neat, and I like it.

I found this branch on the ground while we were walking in to the polls on election day. I loved it's curve, and thought it looked interesting.
I got this yellow vase for .50, and I just adore it. I love yellow, and it was originally in my bedroom, but I moved it out here after Christmas. I just love me some yellow in the middle of the bleakest winter I can remember. Ever.
What are your favorite founds? Not just for your house, but clothes, jewelry, anything.
What do you have, and love, and no one you know has one just like it?


anne said...

Ok. I cannot believe I've not noticed this before...we have the EXACT same shelf...both with the EXACT basket on the bottom shelf. Except I think you have 1 big one..I have two small...I'll have to take a picture. :)
CRACKS me up.
One of my favorite vintagey suitcase I got for $1 at the thrift store. OOh and I just got a FABULOUS console table for $38. And to think I almost bought one at Pier 1 for $150!
LOVe your finds!

A Crafty Mom said...

I love the yellow vase - it IS bright and cheery. (And yes, the winter is bleak!)

I have a lot of original and distinct jewelry b/c I tend to either make or buy one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else will have. I have a few hand-made pieces in my home that I love, especially a beautiful painting that a friend of my mom's did of the beach I grew up on. It's gorgeous and no one has one just like it :-)

Unknown said...

I am composing a mental post on all my latest Good will finds. Until it gets out of my head though, one of my favorite things is my new cookie jar for $2!