Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Christmas Letter, 2008

The year Patie was a newborn, I passed the writing of the annual Christmas letter to my Handsome Half. He did such a spectacular job I decided he should always do it. It's fun to hear his perspective on things, and, well, it's just less obnoxious to read about all the amazing things someone's kids do if it's coming from the husband and not the mom, Amen? That way, he can say lots of great things about his spectacular wife, too, am I right?! Here's Jim's once-a-year contribution to the blog...I edited a few things for privacy, of course.

Merry Christmas, and we'll see you next year!

Greetings!! Yes. You were lucky enough to get another “Jim” Christmas letter (It’s ok to groan. I did!). We greet you again this year from another new address, so if you‘ve already thrown away the envelope, go back and note it. We hope to be here next year… It seems that this year has been a year of transition for us. We were homeless for about 2 weeks (thanks Mom and Dad), out of work for about a month and moved all the way across the state, but are really none the worse for wear and are thrilled to be in Sioux Falls. We started the year in Rapid City, and then I took a job with *** in *** until they shut their doors in July. Then I had a luxurious month at home, firing off resumes to various companies in the area and enjoying an unexpected vacation with my family. I landed at *** in *** (Praise the Lord) and design manure spreaders for them. (Megan loves it when I talk to the girls about how to spread poop.)

Bebo and Bacon continue to put up with our ignorance of them, with only mild acts of retaliation, namely laying on and licking forbidden pillows and stealing/receiving food from Hudson’s tray. I guess I can’t blame them.

Hudson is 1 and has recently learned the skill of throwing his blankets, pacifier, and anything else that he requires for sleeping off the rail of his crib and screams for it until it is returned. We certainly are not fooled by this behavior, but he apparently thinks we are rookies or are going senile, so he still fights the battle. Also, he learned how to say MOMMA that same week, so he’s at least not calling my name.

Lily is 2 ½ and her vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds as of late. She can name all her colors, tell stories about her day, and even repeat bible verses back as long as you don’t ask her to. Megan recently had the girls watch a nature program on waterfowl, and it had a great impact on Lily. It seems that she cannot talk enough about the Booby bird, and continues to call her brother a “Booby”. Lily is our “non-conformist“. Perhaps it’s an effort in negotiation, but usually conversations with Lily go something like this: “Lily lets _______” “I don’t want to _______!” “Well, we still need to.” She replies with something like, “Then I’m just going to tear my arm off!!!” Effective? No, but certainly entertaining…

Patience is 4 now and has been working on home school stuff with Grace and Mommy. She is quite good at math, adding up her allowances to see when she will have x number of dollars. She is always sounding out words and I think she’s better at it than Daddy. Patie is also my garden helper, and certainly doesn’t mind getting dirty in the process. She also went roller skating for the first time this year and loves it. If you’d like to hear about it in her own words, check out her video on our blog.

Grace is 5 ½ and is progressing well in kindergarten. She is reading quite well, and can write all of her letters without help. She is also our resident naturalist. She loves toads, frogs, bugs, caterpillars, spiders, etc. and will put them in cups in her play kitchen (much to Megan’s distaste).

Megan certainly keeps herself busy with blogging, teaching the kids, cleaning and about anything else you can think of around the house. If you’d like to follow our lives and travels a little more regularly come by our blog She continues to develop her passions for decorating, photography, organizing, and watching The Office.

We are also helping to plant a church in Sioux Falls, The Ransom (launching March ‘09) and are investigating adoption. I guess we don’t always choose the easy road, but it has been a good one. That’s what we can expect when we follow the Christ of Christmas.

We hope your Christmas is Christ-filled and that you allow Him to lead you no matter what the turmoil, joy, difficulty, or blessing this next year holds. There is no other Way.

The Kochs


Ashlie said...

Merry Christmas to you all!!

Jane said...

Merry Christmas!

Shelby-Grace said...

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Tarrah said...

What a beautiful letter you husband did (and I think that's a great idea). It sounds like you have had a wonderful and busy year and it sounds like this next one is going to be just as great.

Katie said...

You're right- I like reading things through the mouth of husbands, too! Merry Christmas!

The Mrs. said...

thats a great letter! I cringe to think of what my husband would come up with! I hope you and your family have a very blessed, very healthy, very happy 2009 : )

Lisa said...

wonderful letter - hope your Christmas was full of wonder, and your 2009 will be magical as well!

Mandy said...

What a great letter! My husband hates to write...and yet he's a pastor! Kinda funny, huh?! I'm so glad I came by - even if it's post Christmas - to read it because I feel like now we're friends!

Ris said...

I loved the letter! I am sure your friends enjoyed getting it. Was glad to get a sneak peek!