Monday, December 8, 2008

Money Monday!

Have you heard of this? It's a search engine, powered by Yahoo (so it's basically Google?), with a big difference!

You search like normal, for sites, images, anything, and every single one of your searches counts for about one penny (recently it's been averaging at about 1.3 cents) to the charity of your choice!

There are 70,000+ nonprofits involved, and there's no limit to what they can earn. Some of the more popular charities have earned tens of thousands of dollars! Your favorite charity may just be on the list.

Now this is the only engine we'll use.
A home for orphans that is close to our hearts, Children's Shelter of Cebu - CSC, Goodsearch ID: 816921 HINT, HINT, has become a part of the program, and though they were skeptical at first, they signed up anyway and the site has proved profitable and legitimate. They've gotten checks in the mail- and all their supporters did was make an engine-switch.

And now there's more!

GoodShop! Hundreds of online retailers have joined GoodShop in order to give a percentage of what you spend at their site to your charity! Just go to the GoodShop site and link to your retailer from this site every time you are about to buy online, and that's it! Target, GAP, Best Buy, and so on. Every retailer is able to choose the percentage, so it varies, but there is no extra cost for you, it's JUST as convenient as going straight to their site- just one small extra step!- and every single bit counts.

Giving just for doing what you'd be doing anyway...

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