Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hands-On Christmas, Wednesday Addition

As promised, I am sharing some of the things we've been doing at our house the last few years to make Christmas more meaningful, memorable, exciting and fun.

The miracle of God sending His Son to be His Word made flesh, to be God Himself, living among us, feeling pain, human limitations, temptation, being one of us, is incredible! So in keeping with the reason we celebrate, we try to make this a season that has tangible memories attached to it- a hands-on celebration of the One who came to live in the world, to touch and to save us.

Every morning in December, there's a few things we do. Now, we normally do a devotion together at the table before breakfast, and so this just fits in the place of it. It never takes more than 15 minutes and it's fun! I'll explain one part of our morning routine today, and the rest tomorrow.

The first thing we do is read an Adorenament- Ornaments you place on the tree that open up to reveal a name of Jesus, and have a short lesson with a scripture attached. There is also a companion book with a more lengthy devotion, as children grow up.

We were given a set of these last year, and they were an instant hit. You can read more about Adorenaments here, and also see a cute video of Grace and Patience last year as we went through the book together. Family Life isn't making these anymore, but I think you can still find them online. They are incredible!

This one is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You'd be amazed at how quickly kids can learn all the names, if you do one a day, and let them find them on the tree. I love letting them point them out throughout the day, finding them, taking them down, telling me about them- it's pretty special. Also, throughout the year the girls would get excited whenever they heard one of the names in a message at church, or a song on the radio. They really did keep them for good.

Next, I just wanted to mention these, since we're on the topic of ornaments. I made these a few years ago, there are 12 in all. I went through the Bible, thinking of 12 names for Jesus, and adding a corresponding scripture passage. I went to Hobby Lobby, when ornaments were half off, of course!, and bought these big, gorgeous glass ornaments and some ribbon. I used a gold pen to write the name on one tail, and the verse reference on the other. Sort of my own Adorenaments I guess, before I knew they existed!
Only a few of the names are doubled up between these and the Adorenaments, believe it or we've got a lot of Names for the Name Above All Names up on that Frasier Fur! I don't read these to the kids on a regular basis unless they ask, but I do see them myself as I sit by the tree or pass it by. I love that with these and now with the Adorenaments too, our entire tree is filled with messages of what we were given when Christ came!
See you tomorrow!


Ashlie said...

What a great idea!! Those adornaments sound really neat!

Shelby-Grace said...

That is so creative! You have wonderful ideas. I've got a list going for next year of all the new things I want to do. Thanks again for sharing:)

Ris said...

I love this idea! yours are better than the ones in the box! Fabulous!

Kimberly said...

What a great idea, I need to look for these online.

Thanks Megan!