Friday, November 7, 2008

'Tis Almost the Season

Here's the deal. It's not Christmas time yet. We don't want to skip the incredible Thanksgiving holiday-gratitude is important and all, but it is time to start being grateful that it's almost Christmas, and it's time to get your plan on. Then you can have your to do list in the bag and just enjoy the season, wearing slippers and drinking warm drinks in the tree-light and all that. I'm totally thinking about Christmas already. I thought you might be too.

I wanted to share this little tip with you, in case you're feeling crafty. You don't have to do the glue technique with an ornament, you could use the inspiration to etch anything that you can think of with the glue idea. You don't have to do a baby foot either. The world is your oyster, or something like that.

But here's the deal. Last year my friend Jen (my fabulous, beautiful, extraordinarily smart and sweet and talented friend with more decorating sense in her pinky than I could hope to posses in a lifetime friend Jen) and I really thought this one out- how to etch a baby's footprint on an ornament- what with how you'd never want baby skin touching the etching cream and all. And, they are so squirmy. If I knew how to spell conundrum, I'd say it was one of those.

Well, my ideas were all proven lame and useless, but Jen hit the jackpot and that's her son Jaylon's foot up there.

If you want to try to make one of these, you should see this post first, and get familiar with the little tutorial about glass etching. This post might be helpful, too. I'm still amazed at how many people are getting their etch on through that post. I hope they are making cute stuff, too.

Then, when you're familiar with the concept of etching, go ahead and make all your Christmas gifts etched ones- it's a fun, inexpensive and personal way to gift!

And if you decide you want to do something with the glue technique, you'll already be old friends with the etching cream.

All you need is the cream, some vision and Elmer's Glue. See the links above for the rest of the supplies you'll need.

The Wise Jen Says:

1. Put a thick layer of glue on the hand or foot (or whatever you're making an impression of).

2. Place it on the glass carefully and then carefully remove it.

3. Allow the glue to dry completely.

4. Then cover the entire area to be etched with the cream. Cover over the glue as well, carefully goes without saying here, dabbing the cream over the glue. Do not use strokes- dab. Dab.

5. If you are doing a ball, leave the back clear and the print will show through better. You can't see it in the picture, but she just used tape to make a border around the ball so it's half-etched and half-clear. And of course she used stickers for the words. Just see the above links if you're feeling lost.

And so now you can bust out of the stencil stuff and use this technique to make even more creative things... Thank You Fabulous Jen!

I'd love to see what you come up with!

Happy Etching, Happy Weekend! Happy Holidays... Almost!

Don't forget to visit Jen's family's site and tell her how brilliant she is!


anne said...

I've SO been thinking about Christmas...heck I'll even admit I did buy some decor already at Target...I couln't resist and it was under $5.
I SO have to try etched ornaments this year. Hobby Lobby here I come!
You and Jen are BOTH brillant!

A Crafty Mom said...

What a great idea - it really looks beautiful!! I love Christmas too and can hardly wait :-)

Sarah in the Middle said...

I am so doing that ornament!! My Gabby has huge feet already, though - it'll have to be a big ornament.
I have been praying for inexpensive gift ideas for this Christmas. Something etched might just be the ticket for a few on my list. Thanks :)

Ashlie said...

What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing :)

Kimberly said...

How cool is that? Love it. I need to do something like that.