Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm mourning this morning, for Autumn and it's hasty retreat.
One week ago yesterday, I took this picture, on what I was sure would be the last lovely and warm fall day. We enjoyed every bit of it, out all day, around the city, through the zoo, out to lunch, then out to the park, stretching us to our very limits before returning home for a late nap- but no one cracked. We all seemed to know it was a day not to be ruined by crabby thoughts.
And the next day, it snowed.
And it's been cold ever since, the ground staying mostly covered, and yesterday it snowed all over again.
And the golden days of Autumn are over.
And I don't mind that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner- but it's still just sad to see it go.


anne said...

brrr. It has yet to snow here, but so far this week it has been
overcast and rainy.
Looking forward to the holidays along with you! :)

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I agree. I am always so sad to see it go. In Vermont I dreaded that last big wind that blew Autumn to smithereens.

Love the holidays, hate the rest of the long dreary months though. Can't we spread the love a bit? Christmas in February, maybe?


Ris said...

we don't get fall here. It's hot, then cold. Or maybe this is fall, because we did notice one tree losing it's leaves across town, LOL.

Kimberly said...

I just can't get over your change of season. Those leaves are so beautiful! We see nothing like that down here. Maybe one day we will make it north just to see those leaves. But I don't think I would survive the snow. Brrr.

Eva said...

I copy that. I just realized that ALL the leaves around here are gone. So sad. However, I can't wait to visit family!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you did it up right to usher out the last vestiges of autumn!

I don't envy you snow on the ground. We've had flurries, but none of it stuck around. Besides, the corn isn't out yet!!

Tarrah said...

Isn't it sad how quickly fall comes and goes. It's my favorite season. We are just now going through "fall" here. But we don't have near as beautiful trees around here :) Enjoy a nice warm hot cocoa for me in the snow