Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guest List

Well, I have absolutely no business being there, but, I'll resist all kinds of self-depreciating comments and simply say I'm guest posting over at Andrea's site today!

I'm sure most of you are all good and acquainted with the wonderful Mrs. Hub, because who doesn't read her blog?! But, if you've not properly been introduced, get your sweet self over there today and say hey. She's my idol. Well, an approachable and helpful and smart and extremely nice idol. But for sure an idol. With great hair.

My little post will be in the presence of greatness.


Kimberly said...

Great review, Megan!

anne said...

woohoo! Nicely done Megan. :)...and to think I've seen that camera live and in action...and had my picture taken with it!!! lol