Monday, September 8, 2008

Money Monday

I'm no preacher, but I'd be missing the boat if I never, ever talked about


Handing the first portion, 10%, back to God.

All our money is God's in the first place, He's the One that sets it in our hands.

God does not need our money. He is in control of every resource in the universe. No help from us.

Yes, tithing is in the Bible. Giving more than a tithe sure is too.

No, you don't have to tithe or give as a christian. Just like you don't have to be kind or patient or loving. But you know, you're on to something good if you do.

It reminds us Who is really in charge- of our money, our lives- no matter how much work we do.

It reminds us Who is really the ultimate in our lives, Who we'd live sacrificially for- with joy, because of love, we just can't hold it back.

It reminds us of the world outside ourselves, of the myriad needs outside our own.

It is a lifestyle practice of an open hand- that God gives to you and you freely give to others, never a clenched fist.

If every christian tithed just 10%, there'd probably be almost no financial need at all for the church, for missions, and the ones working in the mission field could concentrate on just that kingdom work alone, and spend a whole lot less time concerned with fundraising.

Forget all this money talk. Let's talk leaves.

You get...

You give...

You keep...



Grammy Staffy said... true!I love this post Megan. I have a firm testimony of the value of paying tithing.

In scripture we are told that if we pay tithing God will open the windows of Heaven and pour out blessing for us. I know that this has been true in my life. We always pay our tithing first and everything else works out.

When I was a young girl we were very poor. My mom only made $40 a week...$1.00 per hour. After taxes she brought home $30 something each week. We didn't have a car. We lived in a small basement apt. Every week, my mom would take her $4.00 tithing and turn it in at church. One day the ward clerk made the comment that knowing how little we had he almost felt bad taking mother's donation envelop. My mother couldn't believe his comment. I will never forget her answer. She told him that it was true that we had very little and that is why she would never miss paying the Lord his 10%. She said that the only way we survived on her income was through the blessing we got from paying tithing..She was right... we always had shelter overhead and food on the table. We knew we were blessed.
John and I have always paid an honest tithe. It has blessed our lives in too many ways to list.

Thankyou for this beautiful post. I testify that all you have said is true.

Tarrah said...

Amen Sista!!! :)

Lauren W said...

This is so true. It is only through God's grace that any of us have anything to begin with.

The Mrs. said...

excellent post. the leaves bring home that its not so out of the reach for us all.

Unknown said...

I have one additional thought. What if we all gave 10% of our time to God? Our time is precious to us, and every minute is a gift from Him. Are we spending 10% of our time reading the Word, working in the church, helping those in need, praying, etc? Just imagine what could happen if we gave 10% of our time too!

Beth Cotell said...

In my life, I have noticed that whenever I give, I get so much more in return than when I hold on to my money.

It is so hard to get past the "It's mine" philosophy and realize that the only reason we have it in the first place is because God gave it to us!

Great post!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I TOTALLY needed to read this today. You have no idea how much.

Sarah in the Middle said...

I am so thankful that my parents were tithers - from the timme I was little I was taught to give 10% of my piggy bank, 10% of my allowance, 10% of my first paycheck, etc.
So now, I don't think twice about it.
And it's amazing the freedom that comes from releasing your finances to God and trusting Him to provide for you - not holding on to every penny in an attempt to provide for yourself.
So much better!

Jenn Boerger said...

Thanks for the encouragement and reminder. Yes times can be tough, but the Lord always provides, and really, 10% is the least we can do. Think of all that's been done for us!

kelly said...

Very good, thank you!

Katie said...

Love the leaves, amen.

anne said...

well said...lovin' the leaves too. :)

Unknown said...

Good grief, everyone always takes my comments...

At our church, we offer a money back guarantee--if you start tithing and God DOESN'T bless you, you get it back.

He's come through Every Time.

every simple day said...

good stuff, we are on the journey to financial freedom and getting the tithe out first really readjusts the mind-set on 'your' finances. We no longer wonder if there are 'better ways' to spend that portion.

Thanks for sharing! I love the leaves - great visual!

stacey said...

That is soo good!!! GREAT idea with the leaves. Sometimes money is tight and I am not sure how I am going to make ends meet, but I know if I just ~give~ & I just ~trust~ in the Lord he ALWAYS provides for us:)