Friday, August 29, 2008

12: Things I Don't Enjoy

1. Tomatoes.
2. My Arch Nemesis, the Laundry.
3. Being Tickled.
4. Small Talk. I'm just not good at it.
5. Worse: Mom Talk. (As in, endless, mindless chatter that isn't actually specifically helpful or supportive, or interesting to the conversation, about what kid did what at what age, 20 minute long birth stories wherein nothing out of the ordinary happened, and general gratuitous stories about typical children-related things that seem to have no purpose being said, other than that some mothers just forget that they can talk about other things besides their kids upon giving birth.) Does this bother anyone else?
6. People That Don't Get Stuff Done When They Know Someone Else is Waiting or Depending on Them.
7. Science Fiction. Even Narnia is a stretch for me.
8. My Arch Nemesis' Side Kick, The Dishes.
9. Gardening. I Avoid It Completely.
10. Listening to People Speak in Another Language Besides English in Public. I'm always sure they're talking about me.
11. Laundry. Yes, it deserves two spots.
12. Inconsideration. I'm sure it's a word.


Ashlie said...

I don't like tomatoes either!! And putting laundry away is one of my least favorite tings in the world :)

anne said...

Amen sister...I knew there was a reason we were meant to be friends. I'm SO with you on all of them. Although I don't mind putting laundry's the folding and putting away part that makes me want to scream!
I HATE tomatoes...although a fine salsa does me good.
What's with the Mom's who forgot they can have a conversation about things OTHER than their kids?
I'm with you on your 12.
oh and ...

Mandy said...

Wow! Our lists would be almost identicle!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am horrible at small talk... horrible. It annoys me.

Sooo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! I hope you have a spectacular day and eat LOTS of cake. It's calorie free on birthdays. You knew that, right?

I feel like I should whip out Dr. Suess' "Happy Birthday To You!" book and wish you could have a day like that-ish. :) But only without some of the really weird stuff, you know?


Sarah in the Middle said...

#10 made me laugh :) I have a lot of hispanic people in my apartment complex, and when I go by I always have this sinking suspicion they are grumbling about me!
I am also constantly irked by laundry and quite proficient at killing any green thing I attempt to grow (I hear you're supposed to water them?)

amanda said...

i used to hate tomatoes - while pregnant i discovered i love them.

and did i miss your bday??

happy happy birthday :)

Lisa said...

Did I miss your birthday too?

I'm with you on the hate of laundry. It's kicking me in the tush as I sit here & type. That, and when I finish the laundry I have IRONING to do! AUGH!

Eva said...

HA! Nice list. Too bad about the science fiction though. I'm totally disagreeing with you on that one...for me. I LOVE science fiction! I could be like the guy in the movie, Jane Austin Book Club. Have you seen it? You'd totally love it - real life.

Kristen said...

Oh I so hate Mom talk too!!

Really why do some people need to hear themselves talk??

Love the rest of your list. And with a family of 6 I am sure you do TONS of laundry. UGH!

Happy Friday Megan!

B said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you get to do something special this weekend.

Anne Elizabeth said...

I am so with you on a lot of them. BTW I went and got a pedicure today and I KNOW the lady was complaining in Vietnamese about my feet. I know their not the greatest feet, but give me a break. I don't have time for pedicures all the time. I get two a summer if that.

Beth Cotell said...

The only thing I hate worse than small talk is being tickled.

Amy said...

Was Friday (29) your birthday? Mine too!! Happy Birthday girl!!

love the list--I'm out on #9 though-- I do like to garden!

Unknown said...

Felicidades a ti, en tu dia feliz, Felicidades a Megan, felicidades a ti.

That's foreign language for happy birthday to you!

at first I thought you were going to say you didn't enjoy frisbee golf.

I don't care for mom talk, small talk and especially recipe talk. Drives me to nail biting boredom. I don't like it when people talk about the TV shows they like either because I don't watch tv and never know what they are talking about.

I sound kind of mean, but I'm really not.

And I'd rather hold a screaming baby than do the dishes.

Ashley said...

I'm suddenly thrilled that the 12 Things madness is starting! That was a random list that is growing into a new obsession ...

Ris said...

oh I too so hate being tickled! And folding laundry too. Yuck!

I am surprised you read my blog, LOL...I would be guilty of mom talk. I love talking about and hearing about what peoples kiddos are doing. Not in a comparison sort of way, but I find the details interesting!

d.a.r. said...

Oh I hate when people don't pull through when they know you are depending on them! It's why I hated group projects in college. Gag.

Grammy Staffy said...

I'll take all of your tomatoes. I love them. Just send them on over to my place. I've been moaning that my tomato plants didn't produce very much this year.

If you don't like mom talk just wait until you get old.... birth stories get exchanged for old folk's aches and pains talk....I have plenty aches and pains....but I don't think you'd enjoy hearing about them...would You?

The Mrs. said...

oh I love this idea so much I'm going to borrow it for a post (but I'll give ya credit!)

First I hate the mom talk. Especially because I feel like it always ends up with trying to one up me and well I just dont care for that. And I dont want to hear about someones placenta or their stitches. Call me funny for that.

But I love laundry. love it love it love it. and tomatoes. So I'll come do your laundry and take all your tomatoes with me!

MKMiller said...

preach it sister

Robyn said...

Hey there! Just blog hopped on over here and . . . I'll be back!!

Your "mom talk" definition has revolutionized my life over the last day or so. For years now I've been trying to articulate my dislike of those types of conversations -- but I've been totally ineffective in defining and explaining the phenomena.

You, however, NAILED IT! Thank you for giving it a name and an accurate definition! We should advocate it's addition to Websters.