Monday, July 28, 2008

Money Monday!

I dedicate this week's $M to this site. I stopped breathing for a little bit when I stumbled on it. It is that good. Go check it out, and look in every nook and cranny of these free, public domain images. What a jackpot find! I got inspired with 400 ideas around every corner of that site- mostly things for other people's houses, but when I found it, I did manage to make a few projects my own. I have many on the back burner. There are so many ways to get creative and make art! She asks that you save and print these images for yourself as much as you want, but that you never sell or give away any of them. There are so many possibilities! Mosey on over (scroll down on the page and you'll find the links to the left arranged by subject). Wait, go visit right after you read this and leave a comment, of course :) No, wait again. I can't ask that of you- you just go visit it right now. I'll be here when you get back.

You can either save them to your online photo account of choice, or just to your computer and print them yourself. You can always edit them, too, I assume, and still be legal... Here's the final version of my newest wall of photos, in my living room. I finally feel the satisfaction that it's just right. I like to change things in and out with the seasons, so it will change in the fall, but, this is perfect to me now. These are a collection of some of my favorite summer park photos, and the feather is from a day we visited a butterfly garden, Grace found it. So, it seemed fitting and beautiful to print out some gorgeous butterflies for the display. That's right, for the cost of some ink, right on your own computer. I love this. And, it goes smashing with my orange pillow...

This whole project is a lesson in rearranging and using what you have, and not being afraid to be cheap. See that gold frame? It has no glass. I love it just as it is.
Oh, and the white mats at the top right corner? Those are colored mats, hot glued to white ones, and then I taped a bread tie to the back for a "hook" to hang them on. Does that bother you? Me either. Oh, and the little mirror, an exact copy of a large one I have, was $1.50 at Hobby Lobby, and I did the Magic Bread Tie Trick to the back of it too. It's actually supposed to be set on a table with a candle on top.
Here's a framed shell, which will change out in the fall too, but, I love it for summer. Ah, I get so excited about free and easy things.

There are so many fun ideas there! Just think, printing off several simple black and white drawings, then adding them to a series, like Pottery Barn did, would look so beautiful!
The girls saw these elephants, and loved them. I have a HEART for silhouettes, and this site had a ton!
Pink stickers for their names on each one...
Oh, and I found this mirror once at a consignment shop for 1.00. Up close, it's kinda cool, and I painted it red like the bedspread. I've had it for a while, I just like it and since I was already in their room... Now it matches perfectly with the polka dotted IKEA duvet.
Oh, and ladies, I was thrilled at this clearance find this weekend. I wanted one of these all season at Target, and they were always $29.99, which I was so not going to do. Then joy! A clearance sticker! Wait, only down to $20.99. Whatever. I stalked a few more weeks, and Saturday morning bright and early, there it was- one left for $7.48! Score! I get away with telling you this, because I threw some butterflies from the site right in there. I love it. It's cuter in real life than the picture.
Get your ink jets ready and get goin' on that site! Enjoy your everyday Monday!


Muthering Heights said...

Wow, those look so nice!

Ris said...

Love the elephants, love the butterflies! VERY cute and creative!

anne said...

can you slow down!!! I can't keep up with you and your creativity! AHHH! your like super crazy awesome mom!
I love it all :)
the elephants...adorable! I'm a sucker for silloutes too.

Lauren W said...

I too have a strong affinity for photo walls. Our hallway is lined with photos. I love it :)
Meanwhile, what a great image site! Thanks for the tip!
(oh, and, Way to go with that Target purchase!)

Kristen said...

Always the best ideas Megan!


Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Dare I say brilliant? Yup... I dare!


You always come up with the best stuff - and the best links!

And you share so well... ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for linking to that site. It is fabulous! I have so many ideas now that I can't stop my brain!

stacey said...

You are so creative!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ikea duvet covers!!!!