Monday, June 9, 2008

Stop...In the Name of Love...

Or, maybe, the name of love... We were out late last night celebrating the big 6, and between the awesome weekend we had with Jim's brother Brian here, and our date tonight, and an early morning as VBS starts tomorrow, I just didn't get to Money Monday, and Oh, I want to do it justice. Hopefully, there will be a substitute "Thrifty Tuesday" or something to come... At any rate, I hope I get to share some tips for saving money on groceries soon, as some of you eagerly asked for. Oh, I just love hanging out with all of you on my blog, friends near and far. I so enjoy our chats together, and how great you are about letting me in on your lives. Can't wait to catch up with all of you this week- but for today, I leave you with some pictures from our anniversary breakfast- fresh homemade waffles with toasted pecans and real maple syrup from a tree in Vermont, which was lovely shared all together, with Brian to boot, and then of course I want to share some pictures from our late-night Sonic run before our date was done... I saved a little pineapple shake for all of you... Share nice.

Have I mentioned how much I love this guy?


Ris said...

you guys are so cute!!! We went to Sonic for our first Valentines Day, LOL. (to avoid that awkward, "we've only been together a month" v-day stuff) your breakfast looks great! Congrats on 6 years!!!

Grammy Staffy said...

I agree with ris.... you guys are cute!! Looks like a great breakfast. I'd like a waffle.

Thanks so much for you encouragement this week. I needed it and you were there for me even though I am a new blog friend.
Thanks Megan and have a great day.

Grammy Staffy said...

p.s. Did you wear your new apron when you made the breakfast?

Kristen said...

How cute are you guys??

And hey, congrats on number 6! That is awesome!!!

Thanks for leaving a little shake too, yummy!

Grandma B said...
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