Thursday, May 8, 2008

Snacky Inspiration

Grace finished off her popcorn at snack time the other day, then was hit with a bolt of inspiration... She took the random kernels left on her plate and made a masterpiece.

First, a face.

Then, a one.


Ris said...

I am glad you forever documented her masterpiece! And her sweet, beaming, little face.

Lisa said...

What a smart girl! I love that proud little smile.

We have those plates too!

Kristen said...

Well, that is quite the smart cookie you have there! Her smile is just to die for!!

Eva said...

oh my goodness! i can't believe that's little Grace. i've missed out on so much growing up! she's so pretty =). looks a lot like you with that smile in that photo.

amanda said...

honey she is sooo cute :)

and oh-so talented too!!