Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going to War

I had an amazing professor in college who was incredible to listen to. His voice was deep, his words well-chosen and thoughtful, and he was an amazing storyteller. Occasionally, as the moment fit, he would tell a story about "the war"(Vietnam). Once he said it was much easier, mentally, to handle the war for men like him that were constantly fighting. He said the men that had jobs away from the front line had to sit and attempt to live knowing at any moment all hell could break loose- but maybe not, so they had to live life as normal, do their jobs like normal. He said it was much easier on the mind to just be out there, right in the middle of it- that it was the waiting, the unknown possibility that was much worse.

On a related, yet completely different note, I started the big paint job last week. I would sit in my living room every day, cook in my kitchen every day, thinking, "Agh. I really, really need and want to get new paint on the walls." The job was so ginormous, I wasn't ready to tackle it when we moved in. Two months of time and settling have passed and the inspiration to get it done I knew would come finally came. My frustration peaked. Sitting and seeing the white walls became worse than the task of actually getting down and painting them. I decided to stop dreading the job and start to fight the white with my own two hands...and a paint roller.
I started with the Main Floor Bathroom. By far, this was the ugliest paint in the house. It may just look tan here, but it was actually a tan-olive green, sort of poo color. I absolutely hated it.

Goodbye poo! I tried a new color I haven't used in one of our houses before. With the magic of bad lighting, it looks green/sage here. It is actually a smokey turquoise color, and I LOVE it.

These silhouettes of the girls really pop out against the color and I absolutely love how it turned out. Too bad the lighting and my camera don't do it justice. Come on over and I'll show it to you in person.
It's like a slightly darker, smokier version of this shirt. Oh, I love it. Moving on to the Main Area. Here's a before picture the day we moved in. Here's a picture of the primed and "at least we're a little moved in" phase, that I posted about several weeks ago.Here's the final (but of course always a work-in-progress) picture. The entire Main Area (Living, Dining, Kitchen, Hallways) will be this color. It's nearly exactly the color of fresh butter. (Collective "Mmmmmm", anyone?) I love the color. It's exactly what I've wanted for a long time- I have always loved it in my PB magazines, how the warm cream makes a room just glow- and it really does. Most of the day in normal light it's a nice warm cream, the untrained eye would most likely not notice the subtle yellow, but, in the morning and evening when light fills the house, the walls seem to glow. And it's lovely. I love it. Oh, and there's my mirror again! You can see the yellow creeping up the walls. I am absolutely dreading this part-And I'm really, really, really dreading this part, which is above the stairs. It must be done. You'd better believe I'll be saying a constant prayer while I'm working on this! Agh!It's going to take some time, but I'll get there. I can only work for an hour here or there, whenever I know the girls won't be around- nap times, after bed, and in the evenings when Jim takes them outside (hello crazy-bad combo of kids and wet paint!!) I don't want to burn out though, so I'm taking my time, trying not to work late in to the night, and taking days off in between, so I don't become a Mean Mommy if I can avoid it. Instead, I've found painting relaxing and rewarding. I'm hoping to keep it that way! So, if you come over, please forgive the patches, it is a work in progress, but the war will be won. And I'll have a Bloggy Starbucks Party when the job is done. Lattes for everyone- no worries, it's on me.


Lisa said...

Looking good! I love the girls' silhouettes - where did you get those done? Lovely!

All of the paint looks great, and will be perfect when you get it finished! Good luck over those stairs though!

kelly said...

Hey, I can't wait to see it in a few days!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

We're on the same page with paint colors - I love what you've picked! Absolutely beautiful!

It looks like you are making great progress with the "fresh butter" color - way to go with your plan for staving off mean mommy! You are a wise woman, Megan! :)


Kristen said...

It looks just plain beautiful!

You are doing a fabulous job recreating those PB spaces!

Woohoo, can't wait to see the whole thing done. And, a starbucks party, I am IN!

Good Luck finishing. :)

amanda said...

love, love the butter color! delish! and i agree it makes everything just glow!!

i so wish i could come over in real life with a real starbucks to celebrate your painting skills...

just beautiful!

anne said...

I too am loving the butter color, the bathroom looks fab too!
I had a bathroom worse than your poo looked like puke. It was so nasty. And for some reason the painted the vanity red to make it worse. It had to be painted right away!
check it out...

I love to paint...well, ok not the actual work, but the result. I finally did our front play/library room. It was a dark green and I wanted to liven it up with a nice grey/blue. When I first finished it I was totally bummed. I hated it. But with some new arrangments it grew on me, and now it is one of my favorite rooms.
I would do more,but we are not going to be in this home peramnently...or even for that much longer so I don't want to put all the money and work into it.
Let's face it, I'm lazy.

Your rooms are looking great :)

Ris said...

love it! Wow you do have your work cut out for you on those ceilings. I think we should all buy YOU a latte, you'll deserve it!

Eva said...

My boy is still sleeping at 930am so here I am.
Yeah, the house looks great. I love the yellow. I also had our big room painted yellow and like it. I LOVE the sillouettes. How did you do that? Maybe you should post on that b/c everyone apparently loves it. =)