Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Facebook Faux Pas

Last week Jim went outside to do some gardening and I was in our bedroom checking my email and catching up on Facebook. Jim left me a somewhat provocative note in my Facebook inbox...let's just say it included praise for some of my finer attributes, and his undying love for me.

I walked outside to talk to him a few minutes later.

Me: "So, some guy tried to pick me up on Facebook."

Jim: "What?! Who? It couldn't have been someone who was friends with you, right? What did he say?"

I smiled inside, surprised he'd not realized what I was talking about, and decided to have some fun with this- it was, after all, really flattering that this made him so upset... I gave him a generalization of what the mystery pick up man had said. He was really shocked, and I could see he was a little worked up, a little mad.

Finally, I said exactly what the message said. A wave of realization washed over his face, sort of an Oh... right.

Jim: "Well, you've got to watch out for those guys on Facebook."

Me: "Right. I sure do..."


Kimberly said...

Moments like that are so fun. You two are such a cute couple:)

Ris said...

LOL That is so dang cute! Your hubby is hilarious! How cute that he got a little mad! hee hee

Eva said...

HA! I've never seen Jim even a little "worked up" and I find it hard to imagine. That would be so funny! How sweet of him.

amanda said...


husband + fun banter = love

very cute :)

Kristen said...

What a cute story! Loved it!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

HA! Made me laugh - I love those kind of moments. Though I have never seen my husband jealous ( nor do I want to) or get slightly worked up. He's one cool cucumber. I rather like him that way. Makes up for me.... I'm not what one would call "cool." Dramatic? Oh, yes.