Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today's Find

Mom's (and anyone who shops online)- this is actually for real and you're going to love it! Rather than me explaining it, go check it out for yourself. The site is very easy to use. There are also great coupons for members to use at retailer's sites. I got $10 off at today, and when I bought the right amount of diapers for the 2 diapered Kochs, I spent over $50* and got free shipping- and points in my Big Crumbs account. Ah, I love a good deal, any way I can get it.

*I realize that those of you out there that do not have children are balking at how much I spent on diapers and you're pretty sure there's no way that was a good deal. Well, is was a good deal. Welcome to our world.


Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm so going to check that out! I do a ton of shopping online - the UPS guy and I were like total BFFs.

And diapering two kids -whew! I put them both in the same size to make it easier! I don't care about butt size difference :) I do care about my wallet size though!


Kristen said...

OOoooooo, I am an online junky! Must check this out!

BTW- I love your profile picture with the 4 feet! That is too cute!