Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pulp Fiction

Well, more like pulp poetry, but, I liked this title better.

I save everything that really matters to me- and I'm ruthless to purge myself of anything that doesn't. I have a box where I keep all the special letters and notes Jim and I have written one another since we met, because those matter. Then, there's a jar, displayed in my room, that holds several letters and notes that are even more special. The letter in which Jim told me he loved me the first time, the letter I wrote for Jim to read on the morning of our wedding, etc. Those are really special. When we moved I was reminded of one of those cards in the jar, that I hadn't read in a while. It contains a poem Jim composed for me in honor of our first Valentine's Day in Wedded Bliss. He got his inspiration from this card, and took it from there. He readily admits that it makes no sense, and that it's even a little weird, but, I love him and he wrote it for me! I wanted to (at great risk of embarrassing him) share it with you today. I will share it exactly as it appears on the card, errors and all, in it's artistic perfection...I've never gotten through it without laughing out loud, so, don't feel bad if you chuckle a few times. Don't worry, it's cool.

An Ode to an Orange

Oh my blessed fruit,

So orange on the outer;

Your bright shining face

Seems only but a glimmer

Of the beauty within.

So 'tis true,

Beyond your exterior lie

Your wonderful heart.

Your perfect fruit,

God's gift to me.

Oh my blessed fruit,

So sweet and so sour;

The Battle rages within,

Sour then sweet,

And sweet in the end.

God's gift to humanity

God's gift to me.

Oh my blessed fruit,

With your many sections

So neatly divided.

Each nearly the same,

But entirely a different;

Each perfect part coming together

To be perfect within one another.

Our perfect fruit,

God's gift to me.

Ah, that cracks me up. But, if you knew this man, you'd see a valiant effort. Love you Jim.

To be fair in love and poetry, I will now share a poem that I composed for Jim. It was actually composed for Jim, motivated by needing something to share in my creative writing class the next morning, but it was for Jim, nonetheless.

As We Study Perfection

You study the structure of buildings,

I study the structure of a sonnet.

Shear, scansion

Compression, couplet

Engineering, emotion--

We are perfect for one another.


Kimberly said...

That is so cute, totally cracked me up! Aren't cards from your hubby the best!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there an asterisk at the bottom saying that reproduction is not allowed without expressed written consent by the author?

Megan said...

To "Annonymous"- NO such asterisk was found. I'd suggest that you review your prior copyright practices (or lack thereof) and make revisions accordingly.

Ris said...

How sweet! I have a box of sweet cards and such from my hubby too. Oh and even if you aren't the author, you are the OWNER of that poem since it was given to you. :-)

Lisa said...

How sweet! I think the card is beautiful too - frameworthy!!!