Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Busy Today, But Aren't These Pretty?

My man is good about flowers. I get them on a regular basis- not too often, but way more than twice a year... I'm satisfied with the amount of times I'm surprised and gifted with lovely examples of temporal beauty. Usually if I call him at work to say I am going off the deep end and the kids will be home alone when he gets here, he brings home flowers. I try to use that line sparingly, so it always works! (Just kidding, everyone.)

These, however, were my gift to myself. Ah, I like them.

We had a great and crazy weekend! More on that tomorrow, I suppose!


Ris said...

So sweet! What a thoughtful husband!

Lisa said...

I love flowers too, and my sweet Hubby is good at getting me flowers "just because"....which is my favorite reason to get them :) I also like treating myself to flowers - good job!!!!