Friday, April 25, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Becky AND Ris. Becky was the reluctant winner, and so I thought I'd make her win anyway, and then, hey! I might as well gift TWO wonderful people at once! Shoot me an email address at my email,, if you don't feel like sharing your address with the whole world, and I'll email you each a $10 gift certificate to Amazon, and you can go get yourself a new book! (One much more interesting than that last post, for sure.) Also, both of these ladies have wonderful sites- Becky is a college friend of ours and she regularly blogs about insights from seminary life. Ris has two adorable kids, one dog, and a great husband and likes to share all the randomness that comes from that kind of blessed life. She's also deciding how to cut her hair and could use your input. Check out their sites today!

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Ris said...

thank you Megan! I just went private with my blog but am happy to add any new readers...just want to know who has access. They can send an email to and I can add.

You know, I have three dogs! Its a zoo over here. The mini schnauzer you saw pics of recently, plus Kirby and Daphne my longhaired chihuahua and Pomeranian. Full house for sure! But you know how that goes!!!