Thursday, April 3, 2008

An 80's Child's Dreams Have Come True

OK everyone, sing along...

I wanted a Kid Sister doll so badly when I was young. Every Saturday morning I would watch this commercial in amazement. I can vividly remember how cool it was that she could even ride a bike with you. Awesome. I never got one. I am over it.

A few days ago I was cleaning my bathrooms, with Lily, of course. Earlier that day, I'd folded laundry, with Lily, of course. Because Lily is always with me. It's a phase. I'm sure it happened with G and P too, I just don't remember it. I am never alone, well, not until 2 pm, anyway. Then I get a couple of hours solo. We have many levels of consciousness. I have no idea where it came from, and I swear I haven't thought about that doll since 1987, but, I found myself singing, "Kid Sister, Kid Sister, wherever I go, you're gonna go...". And then I laughed. I have my very own, real, live kid sister! I bet she'd even ride on my bike with me! Of course, I'm all grown up now, and I'd probably scold that little girl in the commercial for not wearing a helmet.... But I digress. Sometimes dreams do come true.


Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I love "the shadow" phase too. It's awfully nice to be someone's idol for a little while. :)

Enjoy your sweet little kid sister today!


Ris said...

My Buddy, My BUDdy...My Buddy and MEEEEE!!! I remember those dolls! LOL How cute.

Melissa said...

I REMEMBER THOSE DOLLS! Oh man I wanted one of those so badly too...and Power Wheels! I want those soooo badly :)