Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We Have Arrived!

The day we moved our stuff into our house, I had a revelation. I found myself doing something that only "grown ups" do.
You see, when Jim and I got married, the summer before our senior year of college, we had nothing. Well, nothing, and a futon. Oh, and some milk crates. Needless to say, when it came to furnishing our first apartment, we took anything we could get. And, as our good fortune would have it, we got some great stuff. Really, we came out great. A table and chairs from Aunt Margaret (which we still have in our basement and will use for homeschooling), a gigantic TV cabinet from my friend Jenny (that one we happily said goodbye to when we sold our first house. But then, we got another, really great one, from Jim's parents.) There was a complete set of silverware from my mom, a complete bedroom set from Jim's grandparents (which we still use and probably will forever). When we bought our first home, a super-sweet couple from church offered to give us their old sofa and love seat, which were like new, and have proven to be indestructible. And so our freeloading goes on....
Until Saturday, March 15, 2008.
That is the day I found myself giving away perfectly good stuff to Jim's brother Brian (who is in college, about to enter the real world for good. Or, maybe grad school... but the real world is right around the corner.) He may be the only college guy in history to own a complete set of dishes- service for 8, and enough silverware for 12- that's right- matching silverware. He will, no doubt, impress the ladies. It was all just stuff I didn't need anymore, because I'd upgraded. Now, anyone can hand down something well-loved, or nearly-junky, but to give someone perfectly good stuff? Oh, that's what grown-ups do. I didn't find any pictures of Brian solo, so here's one from last Christmas with his whole family. You think he looks happy there? Oh, if he'd only known what was coming in March... just kidding.

We have arrived.


Ris said...

that's awesome! Most people in college have a couple dishes from several sets! How neat to be able to bless someone else, as you were.

Lisa said...

We call hand-me-downs for the home "Early Other People". Our house was once furnished with a lot of stuff from the early other people period. How fun it was when we finally bought some of our own stuff.
Great post. Way to pass on the blessing :)