Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Minnesota Livin'

Here are a few pictures from our days at Jim's family's home in MN. The accommodations at G & G's B & B were excellent. We'd recommend them to anyone. Now that we're gone, they're open for reservations.

Farm Fashionista Lily
Here's a fun snack I made for the girls- Please tell me you can tell what they're supposed to look like! They're vanilla wafers for the "bun", and a Keebler fudge-covered mint cookie for the burger. I wouldn't have thought of buying icing in the store, but since we were away and I was hoping for an easy project in light of the fact I wasn't in my own kitchen, I bought some of the Betty Crocker icing in a tube. Happily, I found the red to look exactly like real ketchup, something I couldn't have created at home. Then the green looks like lettuce...I hope. They were actually really, really good- especially after they sat for a day and the mint flavor infiltrated the entire cookie.
I surfed the web a bit for one Pottery Barn book, and ended up sealing a DEAL on all five of these. All new, in excellent condition, and because the shipper was in the cities, I got them in two days- even with media mail. And the best part? They retail for over $100.00 altogether. After shipping, I paid $38.00 for them. Viva la good deal!
My thoughts about Jim? This kiss pretty much sums it up.
But, when I was feeling especially sad in his absence, all I needed to do was glance at this striking picture of the Man of My Dreams, circa 1998.
Once Daddy got home on the weekends, it was all about horsin' around.


Becky said...

I'm glad you hear that you are settled into your new house! I can't wait to see pictures of what your house looks like!

Anonymous said...

It's great that you're all "settled" in. We should be having baby any time now. I'm 38-5 weeks. And April should be having news any day now too.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It really looks like you made the very most, and best, of the time you had at the fantastic B&B ;)

Love those hamburger sandwiches! I bet the kids had a blast with that. And what a great deal on the books - you really scored!

LOVE the first picture - the beads, the glasses, the smile!! Fab-U-lous! :)


Ris said...

LOL- the '98 pic is hilarious! Your comment about that made me laugh. Greatness! So funny how parents keep up the old pics. My dad has a Glamour Shot of me when I was 13 up in his office. Complete with sequined jacket, huge hair and fire engine red lipstick. Umm, Daddy, can you swap it for a more recent one?