Friday, February 8, 2008

"What's That You Say? I'm Moving? Oh, Yes, I'd Forgotten..."

Ahhhh. Stress. Precious, precious denial keeps it away. I've been marinating myself in nostalgia this past week, with a good bit of denial mixed in. So far, it's working, but life keeps reminding me of the month ahead. And still, in the face of needing to find somewhere to live, moving my whole family and our belongings across the state, and leaving so many places and people we love so much... it's easier to stay here basking in the sun on the beaches of the river denial a few more days.

In the words of the great Nate Berkus, which apply to so many more things than decorating... I really just want to "make it all go away". So far, people seem bent on reminding me what's coming. After today, twenty people will have walked through my condo, inspecting my bathrooms, my closets, the view from my patio, the size of my bedroom. Talk about horrible! For a woman trying to stay oblivious to the fact she's moving away, and trying to forget she's leaving this place that is so familliar, so "home"- having total strangers in and out, invading my privacy does not help... Or maybe it does. I do need to face this sometime soon, right?? I know when the waves of sadness come at the thought of leaving this place I need to invite them, not shove them out the door- it is healthy to let them stay a while, I know. It's a strange mix, to be so excited and thankful for the new road laid out before us, yet so grateful and blessed by the road we've already travelled, so sad to leave it behind.

I suppose that's a good thing- to be so sad to leave a place. Then I know we've really loved it and embraced it, and we can be sure we'll see God's goodness that's gone to prepare a place ahead of us in a new home.

Be prepared- the coming weeks may have many more nostalgia-filled posts to come, as we take that last trip to feed the ducks we know so well, the last steamers at our favorite coffee shop, the last dinner with friends- I'm horribly sentimental about everything. I came to this place with two babies, I leave with four. The memories of first steps and cool summer nights in the ponderosa-scented air flood my mind as I try to prepare to leave. Oh, be ready, you might be forced to read about it.


Anonymous said...

Megan -

I can't believe you're moving. It seems our paths hardly ever cross anymore... but we'll have to connect at least once before you make the trek cross-State.

Our prayers are with you in this hectic/blessed/crazy time!

Ris said...

Hopefully you will love your new home even more, and will have wonderful memories to look back on there some day too. Bring on the's normal to feel weird about leaving your home!

And I hope you find some new ducks to feed!

Don Mills Diva said...

Moving can be so emotional - hopefully you'll have make lots of great memories in your new place!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I was wondering how you were doing with all the moving stuff.
I am just as sentimental so my blog will, I am sure, be filled with many tearful posts. How can it be so excited and heartbreaking at the same time?

Hope your weekend is filled with great memories!


Lisa said...

I've moved lots and lots as a child. It always seemed like just when I got settled, everything changed. As an adult I moved from my home (where my parents and all of my family are) to North Carolina when Goosey was just 9 weeks old. I didn't think I'd survive. It was hard at first, but I grew to love the south and made life-long friends. Then when Lulu was 12 weeks we moved back to the midwest to Hubby's home town. As excited as we were to be close to family (and have HELP with the kids!) it was bittersweet. So many wonderful memories were made in North Carolina.
Let it all soak in...I hope the next few weeks go very smoothly for you!

Jenn Boerger said...

I am sure the mixed emotions will continue for quite awhile - we still can't believe you guys are heading east! We continue to pray for smooth transition for you all. Hopefully we can see you one more time before you go....