Thursday, January 24, 2008

We've Got Mail

I've been looking for a creative way to give encouragement to our kids- either for something they've done that we're proud of, or to just let them know we love them and we're thankful for them. There was always the option of leaving a note on their plate at breakfast, or my most used method- the random whisper in an ear (I'm sure that one's here to stay)- but I wanted to do something extra too, something fun. I figured when the idea came to me, I'd go with it.
This is our new mailbox, courtesy of the One Spot at Target. We saw these when we were out yesterday and I knew this was what I was waiting for.
Picture it: Inter-Family Mail. How fun is that?? I placed it on the kitchen counter and told the girls we'd use it to send each other important mail- if we want to send someone a letter, or give someone a gift we can put it in the mail box and make sure their name is on it. If we ever see the flag up we'll know someone's got mail. This was, of course, a HUGE success. Kids loooooove the thrill of anticipation, the ability to give and receive gifts, etc.
We've already exchanged a couple of letters, and Jim and I love having a fun way to encourage the girls (and each other) with little notes and gifts. I was thinking this morning that this reminds me of the box the March girls and Laurie had in Little Women. I loved getting to encourage Grace last night (in front of everyone, of course, because she needed us to read her letter to her) about her boldness at the library yesterday- to go up to some girls a little older than her and introduce herself and make friends with them. I was so proud of her. If you know her personally, you know she's timid with new people, so this was a big deal- something she's doing more and more lately- and she did it with so much confidence! I was amazed to see her do it from across the room, and my insides were just beaming for her. I tried very hard to play it cool and not embarrass her in front of her new friends... So, it was fun to have a special way to encourage her later. Just think, if we're having a crazy or bad day, the girls finding three M&Ms waiting for them, one for each, in the mail box would just thrill them.
Patience has some mail waiting for her this morning-
I just wanted to thank you for being my little girl.
I love you just the way God made you.
How sweet is that?

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Unknown said...

What a charming idea! And what a sweet note!

I'm heading to Target ASAP. I love the Dollar Spot!