Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Great Toast Caper

Last week while cleaning up after dinner (our one night a week easy "breakfast" dinner) a piece of dry toast fell to the ground. I am positive not a single piece of food has ever fallen to the ground that these dogs have not found and devoured- exceptions made for orange juice and spinach. They won't eat those. The rest of the food that falls, though, that's manna from heaven to them. We don't feed them table food, but we're more than happy to let them clean up the Cheerios, etc. that are dropped accidentally- and they have been known to wake from a nap and run like a small herd of buffalo down the stairs to the kitchen at the sound of even one Cheerio hitting the tile- really, it's happened. So, last week, it was toast. And as soon as it hit the ground, the toast was toast. Bebo grabbed it first. Then Bacon showed up. Simultaneously with Bacon's arrival, I saw Bebo try to snarf it down- only to discover it a) didn't taste good and b) was really big and hard, and difficult to snarf. And so, the toast became more of a treasured possession than a snack. There was a bit of a scuffle, and Bacon won. He proudly held his toast high and made a hasty retreat upstairs. He had a hard time. The problem? The way he wanted to hold it kept the toast at a weird angle, blocking the vision he has in his only eye. So, he blindly bumbled around the living room a little bit while Bebo taunted him, then he repositioned the rare treat and made a hasty retreat up the stairs to, what I could assume, hide the snack under the bed before anyone else took it.

Here he is after the first re-position.
Oh, and then another reposition... Poor dog.

This was my favorite picture- Bebo (who was in the kitchen) saw Bacon going up the stairs with the booty and was able to get himself up to the top of the steps before Bacon could, since he's so much faster.

I heard some scuffling, and I'm not sure who ended up with the toast, or if it got eaten, and if not eaten, where it is right now...

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Ris said...

Came across your blog and this made me laugh out loud. The sound of the Cheerios brings my dogs running too! Hopefully Bebo got some of the snack! haha Bacon is SO darn cute. Thanks for the laugh. - Marisa