Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Four Months

HJ is really starting to like being a big boy. He can roll over now, but rarely does it because he can't breathe well on his back (see below). He loves, loves, loves to play with his buddies (a duck and a cardinal) on his play mat, and seems to love to just hang out and think deep, thoughtful thoughts. He reminds me so much of Jim. He's a very content and even-tempered guy, and saves his smiles for special occasions- when he's happy to see someone, or if something interests him and his little heart bubbles over into a smile. So much like Jim- thoughtful and even, happy and content- but not too "emotional". He also needs almost no sleep at all! (This is not like Jim.) When I was pregnant I kept commenting that he was the most active baby of the four- always, always on the go. He sleeps from 8 pm to 7 am, eating twice in between, and otherwise gets about an hour of nap in the late morning and maybe if I'm lucky he gets a half an hour around 3 in the afternoon. Otherwise he's up and alert, ready to go. This is all new to me, because all the girls took longer naps at his age. I don't mind, though, and it doesn't hurt that he's such a fun little man to hang out with all day. He finds his sisters fun, albeit dangerous, and almost always welcomes their "help" and their entertainment.

He's had a problem with chronic "congestion" since an hour after he was born. Since then we've tried the "wait it out" approach, antibiotics, neblulizers, we've done it all. He can't be on his back for long because it's so hard for him to breathe, so he's always upright, even on his play mat he needs to be propped up on his Boppy. It is always worse at night, so his sleep is interrupted several times a night by fits of coughing. He's so tired then and you can tell he just wants to be asleep- so it's miserable for him, and me too of course. At first we thought it was just a cold that wouldn't go away, made worse by all the crying from his colic, but when that went away, the congestion didn't. It's been hard to know how to help him, but of course all I want to do is make it better. He's not actually sick, but the breathing problems seem to be here to stay, so we're still trying to figure it out. His pediatrician sent us to an ear, nose and throat specialist last week. He didn't have any answers for me either. He had a few guesses, but had no idea. The next step is seeing someone in either Minneapolis or Denver, which we are lining up this week. The specialist we saw was great, but he was no spring chicken- he was easily pushing retirement and he still didn't have a clear idea of what it was. Of course that's really comforting to us as parents- the experienced doctor not knowing what it was... I wouldn't say we're worried, but I am so anxious to know what it is and do whatever we can to help him! The theory right now is that there's some kind of abnormality that's causing his saliva to "pool" in certain places and not travel like it's supposed to- leaving him sounding congested in his chest and nose, but not actually from being sick. So basically, he's gagging on his saliva all night long and it's making him really uncomfortable. I've always said that maybe part of the reason he hates to sleep during the day is that it's so hard for him to breathe when he sleeps- it's his least favorite thing to do! His happiest time of the day is 7 when he gets up for good and doesn't have to try to sleep anymore! He's all smiles and conversation. If we ever find anything out, we'll post an update.

Hudson is such an awesome little guy (and he's been talking to me the whole time I've been typing this- he's so cute). I love that he's turning out to look and act so much like Jim and every day it's fun to see him discover a little more, learn a little more. Since I became a mother, even on my worst days, I've never been able to imagine anything else I'd rather be doing with my days than being here with all of them!

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