Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas 2007 In Pictures

Here's a few pictures from the last couple of weeks- some from our own family Christmas, and some from our time in Minnesota with Jim's family- where Mom and Dad took naps for once and the kids seemed to forget how to take them. We ate lefse, spent time with tons of family and saw some beautiful snow on Christmas day. I hope I'm back to daily posting by tomorrow, we'll see. This morning was spent taking down the Christmas stuff. I say without hesitation that I experienced a Christmas miracle this morning- I got done packing everything up neatly in a little over an hour and a half! (I do have four little kids, you know- just in case you think that sounds like a lot of time.) I am fiercely sentimental so while decorating for Christmas is a very special time for me, taking it down is a sappy, remembering old memories sort of affair. Usually some tears are shed. Today was no exception, though the tears were very few. I was mostly a packing machine, with one clear goal in mind: finishing sometime today. I even got our tree (new this year) back in the original box. I even just left the lights on it and it still all collapsed beautifully and neatly. I'm lovin' the new tree- I loved it when it was up, and the love has grown deeper now that I know how easy it is to put away.

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