Saturday, December 1, 2007

Show Shakes!

As I mentioned before, it snowed today! It started when the girls got up, and they were crazy excited right away hoping we'd be drinking snow shakes tonight! They monitored the snowfall all day long, checking how much stuff was covered with snow and how deep it was.

If it snows a ton, you can fill your blender right off the top of a snow bank on your patio. If it snows 1 or 2 inches like it did today, you have to skim it off the top forever till you've got a blender-full. Jim had an incredible idea this year and just set some big bowls outside to collect the snow for us all day. Genious.

The girls were really pumped to use their new glasses we bought just for snow shakes, complete with snowmen on the outside. They are the kind of glasses for kids with the double wall with glitter and snowflakes inside so it "snows" when you shake them. We've had them since October. You can imagine they're happy to finally get to use them.

The girls watch as Jim creates.

Mom and Dad have their own special glasses too, complete with a snowflake that I etched onto them myself (I'm no Martha, it's an easy project, trust me). You can barely see it in the picture, but, there it is...

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