Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Carnage

Here's a picture of the aftermath. If only you could've seen the absolute insanity that began the moment we opened the Advent calendar 's door this morning to reveal not just three pieces of candy, but also a special gift for Patie- a lipsmacker and a special note from Daddy. (It's her birthday today- the big three. More on that tomorrow after her party tonight...) All three girls lunged for the Advent calendar, which is on top of the mantel, knocking over everything in their path, including these guys. The rest of the Nativity scene is on the mantel, but I always like to have the Wise Men somewhere else in the room, like they're "travelling"- since they weren't there the day Jesus was born. Thankfully it looks like a clean break, a little superglue should mend him quite nicely. But for now, until I've got time to fix him, my Nativity set reminds me a little more of the story of John the Baptist than the birth of our Lord.

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Ashley said...

Wow, I'm behind. I started laughing rather hard when I saw this ... Despite everything, they still look so serene! :)

Kind of reminds me of holidays at my parents' house -- sadly, their eldest is a bit of a klutz.