Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Budding Musicians, Expert Noise Makers

We've been trying lots of things to keep our kids happy until bedtime since the time change (they're tired an hour early, and we're working to set them back on their schedule). The first night, Jim suggested that I get my guitar out so they could sing and dance and forget how exhausted they were. It worked great. Since then, I've gotten it out several times to entertain them in the mid-afternoon time between naps and making dinner- since it gets dark by 4:30 now and they feel like it's so much later than it is, they can get really antsy waiting for daddy to come home. The first day I did that we were 2 songs in when Patie got an AHA look on her face and exclaimed, "We could go get our music stuff?!?!" Meaning, their piano, maracas and tamborine. Pretty soon we were looking like a seriously musical family. I'm totally pumped for Christmas music late at night by the tree- just a couple of weeks left!

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