Monday, October 29, 2007

Pancakes and Lullabies

Do you ever write a word, and it looks so odd to you, but you can't think of another way to spell it?? How about lullabies? The Almighty Blogger spell checker says this is how I should spell it, so there it is. A couple of weeks ago, Hudson got his first chance to help out with InterVarsity. We were a check point for a scavenger hunt (an insane scavenger hunt). All we had to do was chill out at IHOP for a few hours (with some great friends!), waiting for frenzied, crazy college kids to search us out, perform an embarrassing stunt, and collect their well-earned next cryptic clue to lead them to the finish. I could ask them to do anything I wanted, and decided they should sing Hudson a lullaby for their next clue. He had a great time, and although many students were (happily) taken aback at the sight of a baby (college students never see babies!), they complied. Really, I was impressed. SDSMT is an engineering school, so most of our students are guys- and they were so sweet with a baby, and they really did sing! (Some more awkwardly than others, of course). Here are a few of the students displaying their singing skills.

It was funny to see their faces- they were so excited to find the right table, then almost immediately I introduced them to Hudson, handed him over and told them he needed a lullaby. Here's Mariah- a little unsure of how to hold him...but by the time she left she was enthusiastically asking to babysit sometime...

They had to take pictures at each point to prove they were there. This meant getting to embarrass your friend who had to sing even more by taking a picture of it...

This lullaby was so good! He sang "You Are My Sunshine"

After the night was done, we heard that everyone thought "the baby" was one of the best parts of the hunt. Well, of course it was- he's a really, really cute baby!

Patrick's lullaby was by far the best and the sweetest- you could tell he really likes babies. It was so fun to see college guys do the baby thing. Very sweet.

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This just totally made my day. Seriously.