Saturday, October 13, 2007

How Tall This Fall?

I have gone out shopping with Hudson (and no one else) several times since he was born. Many people see him and comment on how little he is, ask how old he is, say he's cute, etc. The usual stuff people say when you're out with your baby. Then, if they are a parent, they also often say something like, "They grow so fast, just wait and see!" They say this because they think he's my first, and I don't realize how quickly he'll change. But, boy, do I know! We've gone to the same orchard in Minnesota for the last three years now. I've been meaning to post some pictures, mostly for my benefit, to remember how much everyone's changed in just these few years.

Fall 2005

Grace was 2, Patie was nine months old, and I was about one month pregnant with Lily

Here's Grace in front of the "How Tall This Fall?" sign

Fall 2006

Grace was 3, Patie was 1 and Lily was 5 months old

(It was extremely windy that day, and the wind was kicking up the dirt from the pumpkin fields... this explains the squinting, desperately trying to hide their faces from the wind..etc...)

Fall 2007

Here we are with Jim's parents, and our newest pumpkin picker

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