Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Jim!

Jim got a little older and a little wiser this week. The girls and I had a fabulous time spending all day getting ready for his party, buying presents and baking the cake. (I of course had to do everything that day, because otherwise they would've told him all about what we bought him). Jim had to work the next day so we had a relaxed night at home eating his special birthday dinner and some (fabulous) cake. The girls were so excited for him to get home and see all the special things they'd done for him, and the party wouldn't have been complete without the dozen balloons Patie got for her Daddy. (That's all she wanted to get for him for the last 2 weeks.) I'm excited any time we get a chance to celebrate the world's most amazing husband and my best friend. As you can imagine, the girls had some great ideas for his gifts. One of them was a 500 piece, 3D Nemo puzzle...which of course they wanted to break out right away... Love you honey!!!

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