Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There's Hope For Us All

The girls get a new crop of books at the library every week. Among the current books is a big board book-style children's Bible. When we opened it up to read it today I read them the story of Jesus staying behind at the temple in Jerusalem when he was a boy. (Luke 2). As I read it, a thought occurred to me, and I smiled. Ok. I know his parents were travelling with a big group of people, and who knows how many other kids they had by then. Jesus was pretty obedient, so I'm sure they weren't constantly having to keep tabs on him to keep him in line, but, really- they travelled for a day before they realized he wasn't there. The parents God chose to raise the Savior of the Universe totally left their firstborn behind, alone, in a huge city. So the next time you feel like a parenting failure... If they can make a mistake like that, then there's hope for us all.

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