Monday, August 13, 2007

Tossed Flips

A couple of weeks ago I went out to run some errands that I didn't have to do, but it made a great excuse for getting out, while Jim hung out with the girls after work. When I got back a few hours later they were getting ready for bed. Walking up to the house I encountered the aftermath... Judging from the mud tracks, wet lawn and sidewalks, and grass and mud that had made it's way into the entryway and up the stairs to the bedroom, it was obvious that they'd played in the sprinklers after dinner. Then I saw these- Patie's tiny flip flops in the middle of the lawn, randomly kicked off on her way to the water, no doubt, then forgotten in the fun. I thought it was such a sweet image of summer and childhood- the spur of the moment idea to turn on the sprinklers and jump in, clothes and all, and run around like crazy until Daddy says it's time for bed. No inhibitions or excuses of other things that need to be done, just fun in the wet grass on a warm summer night.

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