Monday, August 13, 2007

The Night of the $30 Chocolate Cake

Last weekend Jim and I got a bug to make something fun in the 8:00 on a Sunday night. I'd seen this recipe deemed the BEST traditional chocolate cake the day before on PBS's America's Test Kitchen. (If you're not familiar with America's Test Kitchen or Cooks Illustrated, check them out- it's one of the best sources for recipes and knowledge about food and cooking in general). Anyway, this was, apparently, an incredible cake. Of course, we didn't have many key ingredients. Jim ran to the store quick while I put the girls to bed and when he got back we set out on a cooking adventure. $30.00 and three hours later, we had one serious chocolate cake (there's a full pound of semi-sweet chocolate in the frosting alone). It wasn't "hard" to make, but there's a lot of steps. If you've got a kitchen buddy and some time, it's a fun recipe to tackle.

Here's Jim making the first cut...note the time on the clock...

Here's the finished product. It was so good (at $3.00 a serving, it had better be good!). It's a classic chocolate cake, but not one for those who don't appreciate good chocolate. It was pretty intense- not anything like your typical cake made from a box. There's only 1/2 C of cocoa in the entire thing. The intense chocolate flavor comes from the real thing-- chopping and melting tons of unsweetened and semi-sweet chocolate to add to the mix. I felt so domestic when it was over. It was truly a Martha Stewart experience. I'm not sure if Jim felt domestic or not, but after we ate our pieces, we did both feel a little sick :).

I know we won't make this often, but it's an awesome special recipe I'm sure we'll make many times over the years. The best part about this night was just spending some great time hanging out with Jim, working together as we measured, mixed, melted tons of chocolate...and occasionally yawned (ha!).

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