Monday, August 13, 2007

The Doctor is NOT in

Yes, I have one more animal post. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, see below). Mind you, each of these events happened within a week of one another. I told Jim that I was starting to feel like we were in that scene from Dr. Doolittle when all the animals hear that Eddie Murphy's character can talk to animals and they flock to his house for help. Not long after the mouse incident, Jim and I had another date interrupted by an unwelcome visitor from the Great Outdoors- this time of the feathered, not furry type. We were hanging out in our living room when suddenly we heard a crazy rustling sound from the fireplace. Super. No doubt we had a bird stuck in our chimney. This, of course, got Bebo totally obsessed again, and he hadn't stopped sniffing constantly from the mouse fiasco yet. Except now for the days that followed he was trying to somehow bust the fireplace doors to get inside, even attempting to get on to the mantel countless times. We'd only hear the bustling every once in a while, but plenty of soot was getting all over all the candles I had in the fireplace. Our chimney is really high and hard to get to on our roof, so we were hoping Big Bird would a) just figure things out and escape- Hoping against our fears that it would either b) die and we'd have a dead bird stuck in our chimney or c) it would break loose and end up flying down into our fireplace instead, leaving us with a crazed, dirty, probably injured live bird in our house. We were really hoping for scenario a to work itself out. After a few days of occasional rustling, one day things got serious. There was tons of rustling and chirping and from what we could tell Bird "B" had gotten down into the chimney to help out (or just chat with) Bird "A" and it was stuck in there too. OK. Now I was really ticked with nature. After a few hours of almost constant rustling, peeping and falling soot, the noise stopped and we haven't heard from our feathered friends since. I'm hoping this is the end of the "animals gone wild in our house" posts...

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