Monday, May 21, 2007

Boys Don't Wear Pink

Once we found out we were welcoming a boy into the family, I had to face the reality that if I didn't get proactive about finding him some clothes, he might get teased a bit, being the only boy in a dress at playgroup and all. I've had the chance to go to some garage sales these last few weekends and this past weekend, I made some huge progress. On a side note, as I took my first few drinks of tea out of my insulated travel mug that morning, it just kept spilling everywhere. I was getting so frustrated, because I knew the lid was on really tight, and it never leaks. I then realized that for reasons that only occur in the early morning, I had been sipping it from the opposite side from where the opening is. Yeah. And yet God still sees it fit that I should be responsible for the lives of four children. Amazing.

Anyway, I stopped at one sale that was busting with little boy clothes. After I started chatting with the mom selling them, (she was so sweet), she was really generous and was hoping that I would just take anything I wanted, and she wanted to give me a really, really good deal. She was done with all of them and was going to get rid of all of it after the sale no matter what. I should mention that there were four long tables stacked up with boy clothes, sizes 0-3T, and her little boy was born in October (ours is due in September, so all the sizes and seasons were right on). It was also all in really great condition. I spent about 30 minutes gleaning through it and found so much great stuff. I knew I'd just be paying her one lump sum no matter how much I took so, I took whatever I wanted. When I was done I had a LOT of stuff (see the below picture). It was all either from Baby Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy or Children's Place, with a few exceptions and only one thing had a stain, but it's small enough that it doesn't really matter. This was fun shopping! When I'd gotten everything I wanted I told her to just give me a number. I was expecting and more than willing to pay at least $40-$50, thinking that would've been a great deal. She refused to take more than $20! I couldn't believe it, and wanted to offer more, but she insisted. Since I hadn't even made a dent in her mountains of clothes, I did finally accept. Wasn't that awesome?! I make it a practice to ask God to provide for us through garage sales every time I go, and I have so many stories of things we've needed, or just loved having, that I've found. I'm so thankful for the ways I've seen Him provide really great things for us in this way-- and this is just one more example.

Here's a picture of what I have for him so far. After washing it, sorting through it all and placing it in sizes and seasons, I have almost a complete wardrobe for him from 0-18 months (only missing a few things), and have a very good start on the rest, through the summer before he turns 3. I have just a few more things to get for each season, and there's a lot of summer and garage sales left! The best part?? The grand total I've spent on all of his clothes I've gotten so far is.... $32.75.

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Ashley said...

Just for the record? I am in awe of your crazy mad garage-saling skills.