Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So Thankful the Windy City Blew Good Friends Our Way!

Here's (L-R) Eva (a college friend who grew up here), Me, and Erika and Dave as we began to (politely) dig in to our wonderful little foods at High Tea last week (If you live in the area, make yourself a reservation, it's a great time, or just check out Bully Blends if you haven't.). It was so fun to hang out for a couple of days with everyone, including Dave, who is a beyond-excellent match for Erika and we're so excited that we finally got to meet him! He also, by the way, knows more about tea than Queen Elizabeth, is probably going to win Michigan's Teacher of the Year Award within a decade, and is very fun to hang out with. Eva and I were amazed at how alike Dave and Erika are, while complementing each other's personalities at the same time. What beautiful, smart kids you'll have! (Eva and I already have our beautiful and smart kids to brag about). It was fun to play tourist and check out some of the local stuff like Rushmore, downtown, etc, and it was also weirdly quiet for me, since Grace and Patie were at Grandma's for the week. The chances of all 7 members of the club seeing each other at once is about as good as all 7 of us getting struck by lightning, simultaneously, but it's awesome when any of us get to see each other.

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