Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lessons for PreSchoolers That the World Could Use...

I was thinking this morning about the things I seem to say to our girls over and over. Then I realized they're things that we all need to do. As we grow up, the basics seem to stay the same. If the whole world followed what their moms told them to do when they were little, this would be a very different place... Here's my Top Ten List of what I seem to say all the time...

1. If you have more than enough of something and there's someone else that might need or like some, you should share.

2. If you see something you want that doesn't belong to you, you can't just take it. (This one would prevent most wars, and eliminate a whole lot of affairs).

3. You don't have to eat all the food on your plate. Just eat until your tummy isn't hungry anymore and stop. (Ha! I could really use help with that!)

4. If you have a toy or something else that you want so much you won't let anyone else have it or play with it, you should just put it away. If you have something that's tempting you or causing you to sin and it's too hard to make a good choice, it's better to not have it at all. If it comes between you and having peace, and you can't work it out, just get rid of it! (Our girls really do try to share most of the time. It takes effort, but they do pretty well. Occasionally, though, there's something special that they just can't seem to stop fighting over. I tell them they can either choose to find a way to peacefully work it out, or I can just take it away. A lot of the time, they just choose for me to put it away! They seem to know when they just can't share!)

5. Rules and boundaries are here for you to keep you safe. If you respect them, you can really enjoy your life and have fun.

6. Never, ever, speak disrespectfully to anyone.

7. Always try to consider what someone else is feeling. Always try to be thinking of what you can do to show one another love.

8. Sleep is really good for us! When we're too tired, it's hard to think well, treat others well, enjoy our day, and it's much harder to obey.

9. It's really important to get a quiet time every day. We can sleep, read, or just lay down and think if we want to- but God wants us to stop every day to rest.

10. If someone hurts you, forgive them. If you hurt someone else, tell them you are sorry and ask them to forgive you.

OK, and here's the one I think makes the biggest difference, and we say it all the time. Every time the girls hear it they blush a little bit, but you can tell they feel all lit up inside. (So you get a bonus, it's really a Top Eleven List...)

11. Jesus makes you so beautiful and special, inside and out! (Imagine how different the world would be if everyone really knew that!)

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katie said...

i really like this profoundly true it is. i would only add 12. some things are not optional. like diaper changes and bathtime. :)