Monday, March 19, 2007

The Break Is Over

I've got quite an attachment to Beth Moore. She writes these incredible Bible Studies that are always so good. I've done several of them, and for a couple of years there, my Bible studies pretty much only came from her. I decided I needed more than one teacher, so I took a Beth break for the last 2 years. The break is over. I'd love to do another Beth Moore study. She's a gifted teacher, the material is awesome, and the format fits in so well with my qt routine. Then I had this idea. I've loved doing them with groups at church, but especially with friends in the past- not geographically close, but we would each do our studies for the week, then email each other about what stuck out to us. That was always so great. So I thought maybe I'd throw the option out there to all of you. If any of you want to study the same material with me and have a little weekly collaboration, let me know!


Faye H said...

Megan---I'm in for a little Beth Moore study. Put my name on your list and let me know.

Hugs, Faye

Kimberly said...

Im a Beth Moore junkie too. Love her studies. I highly suggest The Patriarchs and Daniel, both are amazing - less emotional, more historical - nice change of pace from Breaking Free. Any way you go, you cant go wrong.

Have you seen her new blog? Im so excited about it!!

Both she and Amanda post.

Have fun with your study!!