Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Divine Discontent

My journal entry from this morning--

All of my christian life I have caught myself feeling guilty for my heart's aches, desires, longings. Surely, they are signs of my lack of transcendence, my failure to find contentment in God alone. But, oh, this life was never meant for the fulfillment of all of my deepest desires-- that is to come in total oneness with God in heaven. Our deepest desires and discontent now are evidence of what is to come and the Lover we're meant for. They show us our true purpose and drive us on toward the place where all is fulfilled and complete and never-fading.

My deepest longings are not meant to show me my failure to rely on and trust in God-- they are an invitation from Him to come and drink of all He is here and to journey on together with Him to that place ahead and eternal.

My desires are not evidence of failure-- they wake me up to the reality of the glory that is to come.

Lord, I will not lie in guilt or fear of passion, desire or pain any longer for I know those are Your work in my core, inviting me to come to that place of deep intimacy with You, inviting me to come and journey with You to that day You long for, the day I long for, when we are one.

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