Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More Megan Koch Money Saving Tips

Tip #79: Do you know about price adjustments? Many stores will do this, I've only done it at Old Navy. Since they're owned by the same people, I'm sure you can do it at the GAP and Banana Republic too. So- You buy some clothes. Within 14 days of your purchase you can bring your original receipt back to the store and ask for a price adjustment. If anything you bought has gotten cheaper (like, if it goes on clearance) you will get refunded for the difference, no questions asked. They do it like an "exchange" on your receipt. It's a little-known fact in the retail world and, well, it's awesome. Jim is still amazed when they give me a refund, but really, it makes sense. You make a special trip to the store, you get money back, you're already there, you're happy with the store... statistically, most people are going to spend more money there. You're happy, they're happy. It's a beautiful thing. If there are stores you go to a lot, you should ask them if they have a price adjustment option. I go to Old Navy to get clothes for our girls all the time and one night a sweet sales clerk randomly let me in on the little-known perk. (I pretty much only buy things that are on clearance, and things on clearance just keep getting cheaper. This way, I can buy it right away and not have to try to wait until it gets really cheap...)

Tip #43: Take advantage of holiday gift card promotions. Like, get $5 back for you for every $30 you spend on gift cards for others. If you shop a lot at a certain store and they're doing that, why not get gift cards for yourself and get some money back? (Of course: This only works in saving you money if you really do shop there a lot and need things from the store, people!) Careful, a lot of the bonus $5 etc. gift cards come with an expiration date, unlike a normal gift card. During the holidays Old Navy gave out $5 for every $40 you spent on gift cards. I knew I'd be there the day after Christmas to stock up on all the clearanced kid's clothes (see next tip) and so I got $80 in gift cards and $10 back. Someone that does math can tell me what percentage I saved. Oh, wait, Jim is right here and I asked him. Apparently I saved 12.5%. (He did that math in a split-second, like he didn't even think about it. Is that fast, or am I just slow???)

Tip #12: Buy your kids their clothes a year ahead when they go on clearance- especially their winter clothes, right after Christmas. I've done this the past couple of years. Everything is half or more off right away Dec. 26, and gets cheaper over the next couple of weeks. (Thank you price adjustments for saving me even more). It's the best time to get winter coats, jeans, and Christmas outfits (which are spendy and you only use a couple of times, so it's nice to get them at a huge discount). Take it all home and store it in huge rubbermaid containers labeled by size, and it will be all ready for next fall- and it is SO fun to open it, and find a whole wardrobe of adorable things you love, right there and ready for you.


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