Monday, November 6, 2006

Potty Mouth

So Patie's shirt is wet. Did she accidentally dump some juice out of her cup? Did she drink her milk too fast and some spilled? No. She and Grace wanted to have a tea party, and the usual imagining they were sipping hot tea from their tea cups would not do. They thought real water would be much more life-like. Since they know they aren't allowed to use the sink without Mom and Dad, they had to find another way. I'm sure doubt entered their minds as to whether or not it was ok, but since it's far easier to ask forgiveness than permission, they went ahead and filled their tea pot and tea cups with water from the TOILET anyway. And they drank. A lot. A lot of water from the toilet. Here's Patie when they were found out.


About Brandon said...


But still cute.

Brandon & Jen

Anonymous said...

That's gross. And hilarious. (Sounds like something my sister and I would have done 18 or so years ago ... or something I might've made her do!)

PS -- Found your blog! Hi!