Thursday, September 7, 2006

pigs have wings...

...and the sdsm&t chapter of intervarsity had almost the same number of women as men tonight. woo hoo! (the ratio of men to women on campus is like, 10/1, so usually in a group of about 50 students last year, we had around 7 or 8 girls present-- on a good night!) no, really, i'm not trying to be funny- this is a BIG deal!

anyway, my amazement at the huge number of incredible girls new to iv tonight was only made better by the blessing of getting to talk with many of them and to catch up with returning students.

i wish i had more time to post, but i am TIRED. i knew i'd been away for awhile and just wanted to post something before i went to bed-- and this was a huge something-- a ton of new students have been able to touch base with our ministry and another great year of iv has begun. it's exciting and i'm eagerly anticipating getting to see what God has for our chapter this year.

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Anonymous said...

yay! i'm so happy to hear that some more girls are joining. i hope the few that i sent showed up.

call me. natalie