Tuesday, August 15, 2006

watch the sky

i was on an airplane flying to poland when i took this. i had had my shade shut because it was "night" on the plane where they shut off the lights and make it seem like it's night time when you're flying overseas, even though it's actually like, 4 pm on your own time. so, i couldn't sleep and i was sitting and praying, telling God that i love when the sun sets and the sky is full of ripples of clouds that look like the ocean in the sky. i cracked open my shade and wow- there was a sunset, or sunrise, that looked exactly like what i was telling God about. i thought it was neat.
href=""> this is a picture i took at a music festival my freshman year of college. isn't it cool?

this is a picture of the sunset on the night i decided to transfer to sdsu. (out of nowhere, i felt God tell me to transfer while i was on a hike over Christmas break. i hadn't had plans of transferring before that. i got home from hiking, told my mom i wanted to transfer, and filled out an application online that night. within a year i was a totally different person because of all the incredible experiences i had there, and i had found the man i was going to marry.)

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katie said...

i had no idea photography could be added to your long list of creative talents. thanks for sharing these pics, they are really spectacular.